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Review Guidance - For Patients Who Want To Review This Practice

Use this guidance to select a review rating for each of the stages through your vasectomy journey.

Pre-procedure information: How well were you informed in advance about vasectomy, it’s permanency, use of contraception until sperm count is zero, potential complications etc.

Pre-vasectomy instructions: Were they thorough and clear? (How to prepare for your procedure, what to wear, etc.)

Reception and wait time: How satisfied were you? (Communication from staff, timeliness of appointment, etc.)

Vasectomy procedure: How satisfied were you with the experience? (Lack of pain, ease of procedure, duration of procedure, etc.)

Post-vasectomy follow-up: How satisfied were you? (Ability to reach doctor after hours, follow up sperm count, etc.)

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Pre-procedure information
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Pre-vasectomy instructions
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Reception and wait time
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Vasectomy procedure
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Post-vasectomy follow-up

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